Terms of booking


If you have received confirmation that your requested dates are available, you have 24 hours to finalize the booking after which the booking is canceled without further notice.  

How to order:

First, you need confirmation that the requested dates are available, send us an email at noahognaja@gmail.com or an SMS on 53521109, you are also welcome to call. We will respond as soon as possible!
Once you have received confirmation that we have the requested space available you need to pay for your dog's stay. you need not enter dates again as we have already registered your dogs stay. You confirm the stay and pay using mobile pay 181826. Once the payment is complete, you will receive an email confirmation/txt message that your stay is confirmed.
If you have received confirmation that your requested dates are available, you have 24 hours to finalize the booking by making the payment in the webshop, after which the booking is canceled without further notice.

Please note that we only have arrivals and pick ups in the morning:

1/4 - 31/10 (summer) 7.00am - 8.00am

1/12- 31/3 (winter) 8.00am- 9.00am.

Standard rate per. day:

1 dog in own room: DKK 280 Dkk.
2 dogs in the same room: DKK 500 Dkk.

Bank Holidays (not Sundays) 1 dog in own room: DKK 380 Dkk. No discount on dogs in same room.
Christmas Stay 23-24-25 December DKK 2400.- (No delivery/pick up on December 24th).

New Year stay 30 December - January 1. 2400.- (No delivery/pick up on December 31st, pick-up jan. 1st is from 12-13.
There is no discount on several dogs together on bank holidays as well as Christmas and New Year stay!
Payment can be made only through mobile pay nr. 181826
By purchasing you accept our terms of booking and cancellation, as indicated below. In case of cancelation of the stay, the pension is in full disposal over the room and is not required to compensate previous renter if the room is rented out again.
For ALL reservations apply to:
We request full payment within 24 hours of booking the stay.
Settlement is per. accommodation, In case of reduction of stay, credit is not given for the unused days.

Reservation and cancellation:

For cancellations in the peak season periods (see below): no refunds of payments regardless of how far in advance the cancelation is given.
For cancellations outside of the peak season periods (see below): up to 30 days before the first day of booking date, 50% of the payment for the stay will be refunded. After this no refund will be given.

We do not accept females in heat! Should the bitch go into heat immediately before a then we unfortunately cannot receive the bitch and cannot offer a refund for the stay as per cancellation policies. If the bitch goes into heat during a stay, a fee of DKK 1000.- will be issued covering chemical cleaning of the pension.

The dogs stay in the pension is at the owners responsibility, the pension cannot be held responsible for the dogs sudden death, damage to himself or his belongings and sickness during stay.
In case of illness the pension reserves the right to consult veterinarian at the owner's expense, we will of course always try to contact the owner in case of illness.
All dogs should be adequately insured (mandatory). Medical insurance is also recommended!
All dogs must be free of vermin and vaccinated by the veterinarian's recommendations. Kennel cough vaccine is not necessary. Please either bring a copy of the vaccination certificate or send a copy by (e)mail.
All dogs must be delivered with proper leash including either harness or collars which are firm and fits the dog.
All dogs have acces to outdoor (3x4 meter) space directly from their room, besides that, all dogs are walked in our lovely landscape 2-3 times a day.

We serve favorite food by "ARION" twice a day (morning and evening) and gives lots of treats during the day.

Your dog do not need to bring toys and food, just a small blanket or something the dog likes, will do. We have all the dog needs here.

When you and your dog arrives to the pension, please park your car at the sign by the road, we will come and pick up, so that the dog leaves you, and not the other way around.

If you wish to see the pension, please contact us for planning a visit, please note that we, do not accept, unannounced visitors as we value the calmness in the pension.

Last but not least!

your dog is your baby and our mission!

My mission is to make your dog feel at home here with us, to make the dog think that Im the best person in the world and the treats that I give are the best ever tasted. Therefore, we will play a lot, run, swim at the beach, join other dogs as well, and when your dog returns for his/hers next holiday here, they will know, that this was a great place to be!